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Everything is ready for everything fresh, in the same quality that only Elena knows how to do, once you get home, read the instructions and assemble it ... Pasta being fresh during the day, we cook it for you, seconds if not minutes, this to guarantee you the same quality that only Elena can give you.

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Elena's ice cream

Experience completely new in the natural ice cream scenario, Elena has made one
truly unique product. Extremely well defined flavors by creating incredible taste sensations. In the style of the Al Pestello restaurant, the sensorial experience also continues after eating it, gustatory persistence and absolute lack of thirst.  Anatural product, with exceptional raw materials. The essential basis for all cream tastes is raw milk, which we went directly to take from small producers there where are the excellences: Piedmont hazelnut, Madagascar vanilla, pistachios from Bronte. The presence of fresh fruit in sorbets reaches up at 70%. Here too we have decided to use the best on the market. The whole fruit c.d. exotic ripened on the tree and imported by plane, lemons are of Sorrento. Promotional price discounted by 20%, instead of € 25 / kg as a introductory offer only € 20 per kg. Choose from the amazing emotions ....

Liquorini of Elena

From the meeting of French chocolate and the bitters and spirits of the monster territory, Elena's liquorini are born, a sensational idea, one entices the other, creating new and exciting moods:
- White chocolate, raspberries and rosolio;
- White chocolate passion fruit and triplesec from the Schiavo Distillery;
- Dark chocolate and plum distillate from the Schiavo Distillery;
- Dark chocolate chocolate and bitter Felsina from the Schiavo Distillery;
- Dark chocolate and honey grappa