Ristorante Al Pestello

Emotions of Love and Gratitude
Vicenza cuisine since 1910

Who we are :

Al pestello is a shop historic since 1910, "reborn" in 2017 from the idea of ​​Elena (chef) and Riccardo, the goals that the two set are manifold above all to do feel good people in a welcoming and informal place, tasting traditional dishes and Elena's creativity but also later trying to leave a good memory, especially in digestion. To do this the two have the goal, from the beginning, to enhance the territory full of opportunities and people who like them raise the quality and level. For this reason, each item is purchased fresh and transformed into home by Elena, self-taught chef who studied in the austere classrooms of the classical high school and attended economics at the university for a few years, including bread, pasta, desserts, all dishes of the tradition are revisited without wanting to upset them but trying to enhance taste and lightness, so in these years we have wanted to prefer small productions as respectful of nature as possible. Hence the need, for example, to want to remove gluten from all appetizers and main courses especially from Vicenza-style cod, which has always been extremely difficult to digest dish from the Berica tradition. Another goal, but not secondary, the desire to grow continuously, the want embrace new culinary methods and techniques trying to take possession of that branch of chemistry that is molecular cuisine, thanks to great pastry chefs, try to understand the secrets of haute patisserie with a careful look at
ice cream shop and bakery arts difficult to interpret and worn by a diffusion that is not really "natural", a very inflated adjective.

With this in mind, all our suppliers respond to the "small is beautiful" thought, especially our wines are made by producers who have a keen eye on the territory, the tradition of our lands, innovation and nature. This gives us the opportunity to combine the principles so far exposed by teasing people in the combination between them and our little "Pestello" ...